Vita, Artist Statment and such

I have spent the last few weeks creating a Vita, revising my Artist Statement and updating my Resume.  You would think that being this close to graduation I would have a better understanding of who I am as a graphic designer.  I do, but I feel as if I have only just begun to scratch the surface of who Sandra Riley really is as a graphic designer, which is why I have labeled myself “…an artist in design.”

I love going to school and the challenge of thinking outside of the box.   I am a bit sad to see this journey end, however looking forward to the next journey.  I have to admit a bit nervous though.  Do you ever wonder, what if….   What if they don’t see what my instructors have seen?  What if I can’t do it in the real world?   What if….what if?!  Funny how we will second guess ourselves.

I may not know exactly who I am as a graphic designer, but I do know that I have received excellent instructions from some very knowledgeable and inspiring Instructors, completed a ton of projects under some very strenuous circumstances, have worked with a team of amazing and talented students, and am now aware of numerous resources to further develop my skills.

Although I may still have some things to figure out, I am excited for the future and all that it brings.  How about you?


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