Hi, my name is Sandra Riley. This is my third year at UCC after a 30+ year absence from school.  I will be graduating this June with a degree in Visual Communications.  I have really enjoyed my time at UCC and have learned so much – not just about design but also about myself.

My husband Mark and I live in Roseburg with my 10-year old son Zack.  We love Roseburg and all that it has to offer.  Only two and a half hours from my family in Siskiyou County is a plus since we try to visit once a month.  When not in school and studying, working with my husband, or volunteering at my son’s school, our church, or the Dream Center I’m with my family.  We like to bbq, play games, watch movies, hike, and visit the coast. I also enjoy walking, gardening and even reading a good romance novel once in a while.  I love the outdoors especially in this area  with the various seasons, colors, shapes, textures, and smells that it has to offer.

I have over 30 years of experience in office administration.  Although I have been crafty and creative at times, I never really considered myself an artist.  This is an area I have been exploring and developing since attending UCC.   Although only specific classes are required for my degree, I have chosen to take additional classes to broaden my artistic view and abilities.  I am a bit sad that this journey is coming to an end but I’m very excited for the new journey ahead.


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