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Where do you find your inspiration?

“Encourage your child to appreciate the inspiration that surrounds him. Marvel at the power of the wind, the immensity of the ocean, the perfection of a snowflake, the night sky, or the rugged beauty of a mountain range.”  Brenda Nixon.

The above quote was written to adults to inspire the children around them however applies to all of us.  Inspiration is all around us.  By keeping our eyes and mind open at every possible source we are less likely to miss those beautiful moments.

This morning I received a call from my daughter, Amber, asking me if I had seen her most recent blog post.  (Yes, my daughter is a blogger.)  I hadn’t so I immediately logged on to find her post from yesterday titled “The ‘D’ Word.  In this blog, my daughter speaks of dealing with depression.   “I struggled with posting this mainly because I wanted to be strong enough on my own. I wanted to believe that I could get through this time without being depressed or needing medication.”  She continues, “…it is [easy] to become completely and totally consumed by depression if you aren’t willing to admit there is a problem. That becomes even more likely for folks who think that depression is a sign of weakness.”

To see  this in writing tugged at my heart. But I know she will be o.k, better than o.k.!  My daughter is an amazing young lady.   She’s very outgoing, optimistic and an encourager to everyone around her.   Even during her darkest times she continues to stand firm in her faith, finds strength to continue on, and reaches out to others.  Her transparency in hopes to help just one person is an inspiration to me.

If you struggle with depression or know of someone  that does check out her blog at Heat Escapes

The very same day my daughter posted her blog I found a note in the bathroom at school.   On the  front  it read “Hey!  Listen”  with two arrows pointing to the bottom.  On the inside bottom it read “You are not alone. You are loved.  You are amazing!” and on the inside top it read “pierce the darkness 2012 Jan 17“.   I found myself smiling and wanting to know more.  When I got home I googled it and found that pierce the darkness is a world wide event to “…make someone smile, give them hope, encouragement…and pierce the darkness that has overcome our world.”  A source of light by doing simple things that help others.

What an awesome idea and how interesting that these two things would come to me on the same day.  Check it out if you are interested in helping

Just two examples of where I find my inspiration.  So where do you find yours?